Monday, January 14, 2008

You're Just Like Your Mother

"I always thought that if you had all the right thoughts and did all the right things you'd be okay."

"No, you've got to do more than that."

"Tell me."

"You've got to try as hard as you can to be like other people."

"It can't be that simple."

"It can. Because it is."

"Then why aren't you okay?"

"Man, how can I be like other people when I can't even look at them?"

"I think I know what you mean."

"You think you know?"


"You don't know."

"I do. People are hard to look at. Not like they're scary, but like their insides are so ugly."

"You can see their insides?"

"Can't you?"

"I guess. But that would make us ugly, too."

"No. That would make us aliens."

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