Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hey.  I was just calling because I need some words of inspiration before class [Please tell me that you love me still].

Well due to my night last night, I have a ton of that holy-shit-I’m-doing-homework-in-between-classes type of work [I don’t want to be in college].

No, nothing like that I just ended up procrastinating all night [I couldn’t find any Ritalin to steal].


Over the phone, through the towers and satellites, she says:

Well I saw the first purple crocuses of Spring.  And the sun is shining so  isn’t that nice?

Promise me you’ll do something—if you’re still feeling sick tomorrow go to health services and see a doctor.

Take care of yourself baby. 

I love you.


No.  I don’t have time to see a doctor [I like being sick because I desperately seek more closeness with things that are dead.]. 

But I love you too [I don’t know if I can feel that still] and I have to go to class. 


I put out my cigarette.  My eyes feel swollen.

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